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A place to discover the joy of home gardening!

Gather up some much needed information and inspiration to start your own home garden. Gardening at home can be intimidating and there is often a time consuming learning curve when you first get started. This blog was created to help beginner gardeners get started and have confidence their garden will grow and thrive!

Home Gardening 

My Gardening Journey

Follow along as I take you on regular trips into my own personal home garden. The good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly. Watch me learn to grow! 

Home Garden Information Station

Find information about specific plant growing needs, garden planning and design, garden maintenance, and so much more! 

Fruits A-Z

 Find information about specific fruit plants growing needs. 

Veggies A-Z

 Find information about specific vegetable plants growing needs. 

Tips and Tricks

Sometimes all you need is one small tip or helpful trick to find success in the garden. Those are documented here and always up for discussion. 

Home Garden Problems

It’s inevitable that you will run into problems when home gardening. Here are some solutions to common problems most home gardeners will face.  

Home Gardening Resources

Gardening resources are available here from a variety of great sources. 

Home Garden Recipes!

Here are a few home garden recipe ideas to get you started in the kitchen! I can’t wait to see what you create. Add yours too!

Ask a Home Gardener!

Have a question? Ask it here and it will be answered by a fellow home gardener. 

Find a Local Farm!

Click here for a list of United States farms where you can pick and buy locally grown produce from home gardeners!

Find a Local Nursery!

Click here for a list of United States plant nurseries where you can find the highest quality products for your plants!

Find a Class!

It is always a good idea to take a few classes about gardening if you really intend to master it and many of them are now online! Here is a list of some that are worth the time. 

Get In Touch Anytime!

If you have any questions about home gardening, home garden photography, or getting started feel free to reach out!